Analytics, heatmaps & session replays made simple.

Stop letting tracking companies get rich selling your users data.

Everything at a glance

The Sitetrack dashboard contains all the details you need to know about your websites activity.
  • Evolution from the past 30 days
  • Top pages, countries, referrers
  • All about UTM's
  • Simple & custom goal tracking
  • Devices, OS, Browsers and more!

Learn more about your visitors

Understand and evaluate your visitors behavior and repeated actions to analyze what is working and what is not going so well on your website.
  • View and get details of all visitors
  • Analyze their past sessions
  • Identify your visitors

Session Replays

Session replays are the most convenient way to easily check what a visitor did and their journey throughout your website.


Understand where your users are clicking and where the cold zones of your website pages are.
  • Evolution from the past 30 days
  • Multiple heatmaps per website
  • Desktop, tablet & mobile heatmaps
  • Click tracking heatmaps

Data, owned by you.

All the tracked data is fully owned by you and stored securely on our servers, until you decide to leave. You can export your data at anytime.
  • All data is owned by you
  • Supports Opt-Out for your visitors
  • Respects DNT (Do Not track)
  • No IP addresses are being collected

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